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Can someone remind me in about a week that I need to add padding where my backpack straps hit my collarbone?

Long car ride knitting part two. The second sock of the mystery pair (pattern is Wyvern, yarn is probably Trekking XXL found half finished with no memory of starting them).

I cast the last stitch off just as we pulled into the campground.

Long car ride knitting update: applied icord edging finished. Which means the sweater is finished! Yarn is silky wool, pattern is a test knit for juiceboxmermaid

Long car ride knitting applied icord edging. I’m about to pull it all out and do it again the other direction.


anyway, i’ve been learning to knit!

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Today, I bought this book (for my sister, lets clarify that now ‘cause the only way I’m going anywhere near sperm is if I fall into a vat of it):













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My question is about names in the job search, specifically that women should masculinize their names. My first name is masculine and my middle is feminine. For very strong reasons, I prefer to use them together. The admin assistant jobs I am applying for are traditionally filled by females. Do you feel it is detrimental to include my preferred double barrel name? I'm torn between who I am + awkward to correct people on my name in a new job environment and potentially damaging my job prospects.
lalalala--lee lalalala--lee Said:


Statistically we know that across the board, men get more resumes accepted than women even in people who believe they’re being fair and equal. Even women, who also make up the bulk of Human Resource positions, do this. But you have to balance your job prospects against your identity and your life, and sometimes it’s worth it to make something a little test of whether you even want to work there.

I think for admin positions, which as you say are predominantly female filled, you could probably get away with it, and if you have a strong feeling about using both your names, then you should use them both. It’s easy to say “your identity is more important than whether you get a job” from the position of a well-paid benefits-able job; harder to say that when I put myself in your position. And this contrasts with the advice I just gave about queer identity. But there’s also the fact that you’re expected to give a name, and the name carries a weightload of information about you.

Again — this is a decision only you can make, based on your feelings about your name, the qualifications you do or don’t have for the job, and the fact that this is the kind of job people don’t expect to find many men in. My advice would be to use both names, especially since it’s important to you, but it has to be your choice.

An additional consideration- from someone with a gender neutral first name, people are often really uncomfortable/embarrassed when they’ve made the wrong assumption about your gender. Which could spill over into their impression of you.


Okay, everybody, I did it! I have a book! (An e-book, to be precise!) (And to be more precise, my girlfriend and I have a book!) It’s called The Emperor’s Mirror, and it’s a YA novel about magic! Mystery! Monks! Other things that don’t start with ‘m’, up to and including dragons! I would like to take a moment to shamelessly plug it and say if you enjoy reading my fanfiction, please go take a look! It’s the first in a series which is intended to be 5 books, the rest of which should be coming out in no time (metaphorically speaking) and the e-book is $4.99.

Here’s the back of the book (so to speak):

A valuable artifact has been stolen from an isolated monastery, and Tallis will have trouble finding it when the temple elder won’t tell him what it is.

The monks have good reason to be secretive, given the centuries of religious persecution after the fall of the Emperor who represented their gods. That’s to say nothing of the cult leader enchanting disciples in the next town over, or of the boy they keep hidden underground while they prepare him to be the new Emperor. Tallis, an orphan himself, feels an instant connection with Brannon, the young boy who can channel the power of the gods but is deeply resentful of the monks who have imprisoned him to keep him safe. Tallis soon finds himself struggling to unravel not only a theft, but the murder of the last Emperor, which fractured the world a thousand years before.

You can read the complete first chapter for free here if you’re so inclined, or if you don’t feel the need and you want to buy it sight-unseen, you can do so right here! (It should be available from Amazon/iBooks/etc shortly, but you can buy it direct from Lulu right now.)

Even if you can’t afford it/can’t buy things on the internet/don’t have an e-reader (this file works with most basic e-reader extensions for chrome and firefox)/et cetera, even just reblogging the post (and talking about how cool my stuff is) would be awesome. *blows kisses* Thanks for reading!

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Asker charvanha Asks:
I apologize if you've explained this before but what does MOGII stand for? I've never heard of that acronym for the non cishet community. I'm only familiar with LGBTQIAP+ and GSRM
lalalala--lee lalalala--lee Said:


There’s a little backstory here. Take a seat, grab a cup of coffee.

LGBT(QIAP)+, as you probably realize, is long, unwieldy, and often leaves marginalized peoples out. It also tends to fetishize the L, prioritize the G, criticize the B and forget the T+.

An alternative, GS(R)M was proposed. Proposed in 1966, it stood for Gender, Sexuality (and Romantic) Minorities, and it seemed like a great fit! Until people learned that it was coined by a pedophile, who also wanted to include cishet kinksters, pedophiles, and even rapists in the acronym, as well as other criticisms of the acronym itself. So that was obviously out of the question.

Then MOGII came along, but that one had some evolution. The original term was MOGA, for “Marginalized Orientation and Gender Alignments”. That was cool, but then people began to use MOGAI to include intersex folks who are often left out of important discussions (MOGA… and Intersex). Then it was pointed out that the “A” was somewhat unnecessary and allowed shitty allies a way to weasel themselves in. So, MOGII was born. MOGII stands for Marginalized Orientations, Gender Identity, and Intersex. It’s an excellent catch-all, uses no reclaimed slurs, and makes it entirely about the minorities.