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Final clue will be released today, plus a rectangular chart for those of you who would prefer to not have the shaping. Use coupon code SMOLDER for $1 off the purchase price. Pattern for sale in my Ravelry Store

Shawl pattern is double-knit and fully reversible.

Original - Sold!

wouldn’t this be amazing in black and a variagated red-orang-yellow?

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Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

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Who else is going? And what are you cosplaying on which days?!?!?!?

I’m going, I’ll be wearing my Captain Marvel sweater, a Winter Soldier hoodie, or a Beacon Hills Lacrosse hoodie.


Sneak Peak of this year’s Easter backpacking trip at Camp Wokanda.

2012 Easter trip here

2013 Good Friday Hike here

The blog to follow for all the backpacking/outdoors with kids you could ever want










We Didn’t Start the Fire - 50 Years of Fandom

[details here]

password to watch: fandom!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am neither Fiercynn nor Scribe - hence the link. I just felt it was entirely, entirely, completely necessary to share this with everyone, because this is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen in my life. I just - fuck. I’m in tears as I type this, because this vid? Is not about a bunch of fandoms, it’s about what fandom is, it’s about a tradition that goes back a long, long time of people looking at stories and saying “here’s what I have to say about that,” and other people listening. Towards the end it gets into fandoms I know, fandoms I’m in or have been in, and that’s when I started crying, because - this is going to sound so ridiculous, but I can’t help it, because that was when I realized that I was part of it, this old often-problematic beautiful revolutionary thing. And then, the last few minutes, it gives us characters who tell stories in the stories (Becky Rosen!), it saysyes, you, this is your story too. It’s two-thirty in the morning, I’m crying, and I may not be coherent but I have absolutely no regrets. Watch this.

Wow. Wow wow wow wow.

For me, the best thing about this is the fact that it’s in a pretty chronological order. Because eventually I was like “It’s nice to see all the fandoms of yore— WAIT, THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN!” and then water was leaking from my eyeholes because omg, hello fandoms that I have seen rise and fall. 

This is a fucking masterpiece of vidding.

I got teary when I saw Due South. <3

Omg so many tears, so many feelings. 

This is one of the best fandom things I’ve ever seen.

Wow. Yes.

omg folks the commentary (linked above) is amazing too, they have a chart showing how they linked the clips with the lyrics and their historical references, holy fuck, this is so many things that are awesome about fandom all rolled into one vid. 

I will never *not* reblog this. You start watching it at first and you think it’s just a cute video and then it gets to where *you* joined in fandom and you’re so happy and grinning but somewhere near the end, possibly by the montage of badass ladies, you find yourself all choked up and teary-eyed.

Wanted to not like this, due to inclusion of that one goddamn vid. Loved it.


Fandom’ll do that.

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Yarn. Buy yarn. I hear muggles say it all the time "But she has so much yarn. I’ll get her something else." Hear me now. Your knitter has a lot of yarn because she LIKES yarn.
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@lovesthesmarty, is this a reminder that it is almost your birthday?

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Wake up to find that my stupid self-indulgent knitting fic has over 200 notes and my follower count has spiked wtf, clearly you guys want knitting Bucky. So have a pattern (my first ever!) loosely modelled after my own personal sock recipe:

James Barnes’ Therapy Socks


size 10 dpns

worsted weight wool

Yarn needle


lingering sense of disassociation from the real world



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@juiceboxmermaid came over tonight and very patiently dealt with my total bewilderment re: makeup

This song is very me today